Introducing Automated Bioburden Reduction For Large-Scale Hospital Equipment

The direct medical costs of Healthcare Associated Infections in hospitals totals Tens of Billions of Dollars Annually.

STAT Medical Systems helps you maximize your bioburden reduction – which Benefits Patient Health and Improves Bottom Lines dramatically.

Watch The Video of Our BRS-100 Sanitation Machine

Microbial Contamination On High-Contact Surfaces of Hospital Equipment Is A Significant Factor In Healthcare-Associated Infections…

In the past, costly and time-consuming manual labor practices have complicated and weakened the process of effective infection control in hospitals and other patient-care facilities. The size and form of large-scale pieces of hospital equipment present challenges that leave current sanitation practices in their most primitive stages. You now have a much better choice in reducing bioburden on this type of equipment.

STAT Medical Systems has developed an efficient, automated system aimed at cleaning and sanitizing large-scale hospital equipment. The revolutionary system effectively removes bioburden left to grow on stretchers, gurneys, backboards, IV poles, wheelchairs, tray tables, delivery carts, ROHO style mattresses, and other bulky items. The system automatically tracks and documents equipment sanitation procedures for regulatory agency purposes.