Bioburden Reduction

Infection Control Just Got Better, Faster, and Cheaper!

A Revolutionary New System For Bioburden Reduction

STAT Medical Systems has developed a Bioburden Reduction System which is is an automated washer and sanitation system for large-scale hospital equipment. This Bioburden Reduction System effectively eliminates organic matter left on stretchers, gurneys, back boards, IV Poles, wheelchairs, tray tables, delivery carts, ROHO® style mattresses and numerous other bulky items.

Our Bioburden Reduction Sysytem reduces labor burden, shortens cleaning cycles, and increases the effectiveness of infection control practices. The system can significantly reduce HAI’s – benefiting patients and the overall cost structure of a health care facility, while reducing concern over liability.

STAT Medical Systems… Partners In Infection Control

Our knowledge of the increasingly serious threat posed by nosocomial infections – and the challenges associated with effective infection control – has inspired STAT Medical Systems to focus on the key issues facing health care professionals in hospitals, assisted living facilities, ambulatory care centers, EMT services and all other patient care facilities. We understand that health care professionals today are highly concerned about Infection Control and how increasing infection rates impact their patients.

Health care professionals are continually seeking ways to decrease these rates without compromising patient care. At STAT Medical Systems, we share your concern, which is why we spend each and every day searching for ways to help you reduce infection rates in your facility. Our Bioburden Reduction Systems – like the BRS/100 – are excellent tools for helping to reduce infection rates. STAT Medical Systems is always at your disposal to help you in the fight against HAI’s and their devastating effects on your patients and your bottom line.