BRS/100 Bioburden Reduction System

BRS/100 Features

  • Greatly reduces bacterial load from your equipment with a combination of 140 degree hot pressurized spray, multiple-angle high-pressure jets, and chemical disinfectant

  • All components are constructed with high-quality stainless steel – contributing to less maintenance and down time

  • Large self-contained stainless steel chamber construction accommodates equipment ranging in size from laundry containers, to IV poles, to commode-size equipment. The chamber has the capacity to hold 3 standard wheelchairs, up to 10 IV poles or 4 ROHO® type mattresses

  • Saves 60% to 80% on cleaning time

  • All processes are accomplished in a closed environment – your personnel are not exposed to heat, chemicals, physical bending, or toxic inhalation of harmful biological and chemical agents

  • Built-in low temperature, low pressure process is available for equipment sensitive to heat or pressure

  • Built-in cold wash can be used for air mattresses and heat-sensitive products. The cold process will not harm ROHO® mattresses or similar products

  • Quality assurance through use of national brand chemical suppliers

Computer Controlled Operation & Sanitation Tracking

Control Interface Driven By Integrated iPad

All processes are computer-controlled and sequenced for ease of operation, as well as consistency of cleaning and sanitation. The sanitation process is documented and tracked with Bar Codes or RFID. In addition, the BRS/100 can generate reports for internal and external utilization, and will meet all existing documentation demands; including each regulatory agency’s latest criteria: date cleaned, by whom, when, where, etc. Documented tracking assures greater efficacy of your sanitation program. The BRS/100 tracking system will generate hard or soft copy reports that meet all JACHO, CDC, and EPA tier reporting needs.