Dollars & Sense

Our Bioburden Reduction Systems Make Good Sense,
Both For Infection Control & For Bottom-Line Results!

Cost-Saving Mechanical Sanitation Translates To Bottom Line Savings…

When considering ISSA standards for washing and sanitizing gurneys (stretchers), comparative cost results show an amazing difference between washing and sanitizing by hand (manual) or utilizing the BRS/100 (mechanical). Manually cleaning a gurney, using an average wage cost of $12.00 per hour, plus normal employee benefits, translates to $17.00+ per gurney. The BRS/100’s mechanical process translates to approximately 60 cents to clean and sanitize a gurney.

That is a savings of $16.40 for every gurney cleaning, which can add up to significant cost savings over the course of a year.

Some facilities could see savings in the tens of thousands of dollars using this comparison alone.

Increased Benefits…

  • Saves 60% to 80% on cleaning time
  • The BRS/100’s cost per cycle in a health care facility equates to pennies, even including labor, chemicals, and cost of equipment
  • Can re-direct $30,000 to $50,000 in FTE wages per year
  • Highly affordable through optional lease or lease-to-purchase plans
  • Optional tracking system reporting available on each individual piece of equipment for inventory, condition and cleanliness

There Are Only Two Technologies That Actually Remove Bio-Burden
1: The STAT BRS/100 System or 2: By Hand (Manual Labor)

No other system, Blue Ray technology, chemical infusion technology, or electronic impulse Technology removes Bio-Burden!  These systems attempt to Sanitize while the BRS/100 truly removes the Bio-Burden and then completely Sanitizes the clean equipment.  If one hand cleans the equipment they are redundantly creating huge unnecessary costs.

Leasing Programs…

Many medical facilities utilize their internal leasing programs to obtain financing. We are excited to offer competitive leasing rates, regardless of how many machines your facility requires. At the end of the lease, ownership transfers to your facility.

Purchase or rental programs for your medical facility are now available. Leasing options are cost-effective in keeping monthly operating expenses to a minimum, while introducing innovative technology to infection control practices.

For specifics on determining your Financing Options, please contact us, and our representative will provide a plan that best suits your particular needs.