STAT Medical Systems

The First Name in Infection Control & Bioburden Reduction

Our Objective…

Stat Medical Systems, LLC. is a Florida based, limited liability company whose objective is to produce hospital cleaning and decontamination equipment with high quality standards and simplicity of operation for sale, rental or lease.

Our Mission…

Stat Medical Systems, LLC. focuses on innovation within our products to keep our equipment at the leading edge of our clients’ needs. Reliability and rapid response to customer requests is our hallmark. As our corporation grows, we will continually strive to encourage ideas and cooperate with our business partners in all areas.

Our Foundation…

Our Founder has been in the Healthcare Profession for more than 30 years. As the Administrator for a local mid-sized Hospital, he had many opportunities to learn and then couple his newly acquired knowledge to the years of experience and make a myriad of applications in the interest of the healthcare field and most especially the Patient. His primary application was in the proficiency of reducing infections and most especially those that are transferrable from one individual to another in a hospital setting (Nosocomial Infections) i.e. C-Diff, MRSA, etc.

As Administrator he was very active in the various Clinics, Diagnostic Centers, Emergency Rooms, observing and working to implement new ideas as procedural changes that caused realignment of diagnostic Protocols such as creating an intra and inter departmental transportation System to assist and aid Patients in being delivered to the Diagnostic Centers quicker and accomplishing their testing much faster, allowing their discharge in a more timely fashion.

At the various Professional meetings, Seminars, Symposiums, etc., he was constantly visiting with his peers and fellow Professionals to gain more information, cooperation and trust he could utilize for the reduction of costly pain, agony and sometimes Death.

Ever vigilant in his quest for more information to be utilized to further reducing infectious diseases, during a Long Range Planning Session it became obviously apparent to him that the Human Resource, the most valuable resource available to most industries and especially the Health Care Industry would very soon be in short supply. With that realization he began to visualize a methodology of Mechanization that would both economically supplant that reduction of Labor intense procedures and drastically reduce and control infections. He later broadened that initiative to include a reporting mechanism for verification practicality.

All those heart wrenching, back breaking years of frustration was brought to an end with the invention of the BRS/100, a machine that would reduce the Nosocomial Rate by more than 50% and save an astounding 600% of labor and deliver a hard copy or soft copy of the verification to your destination. The BRS/100 system was acknowledged through the issuance of Patent No; US 8,276,603 B2 dated October 2, 2012.

Nine years of combined experience and engineering have gone into the development of the STAT (Sanitization Through Automated Technology) system. This system makes sanitizing achievable where it has not been possible manually, and eliminates current or unreliable infection control practices.